Company's Social Responsibility/CSR

The management of RIAS has not adopted policies on CSR. As a consequence of the development in society and the conditions in the company RIAS has acted on the influence of the surrounding society and the company’s social responsibility.

RIAS has during the past years adopted an attitude and culture to the social responsibility based on extern conditions, hereunder dialogue between the management and the staff expressed in the daily work in the way the company act intern and act extern both when it comes to customers, suppliers, advisors, shareholders and the surrounding society.

CSR is an integrated component in RIAS A/S’ overall business strategy. We strongly focus on long term solutions which are sustainable financially, socially as well as the climate. Therefore we provide that CSR is part of the management foundation.

Our effort on CSR is central to achieve our vision as the most attractive supplier of quality semi-finished plastic in the North and in the effort to secure profitable growth and a dynamic and innovative approach to the business development.

Social responsibility is closely combined to a healthy business development and we therefore approach to be one step ahead on the development of society in the effort to offer sustainable solutions and services as in internal processes to extern partners. We call to sustainable and responsible behavior in the areas where we can make a difference.

We consider our role as a good player in society as serious and contribute active in creating safety and welfare in the societies we take part in by being in continuously dialogue with public authorities, business as well as nonprofit organizations and research units.

By this we have a sturdy platform where we can meet the future challenges and plastic related needs in a sustainable way.

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